We are Delcanna, a grassroots social action organization formed with the goal of responsibly ending cannabis prohibition in Delaware through law reforms while preserving unwavering respect for people’s liberty and constitutional rights. Our mission is for Delaware to prove its place as the “First State” by passing the country’s best cannabis reforms and showing the other 49 states how real cannabis reform is accomplished. Delaware will be the model of common sense cannabis freedom for the rest of the nation to follow. Our state leadership will let America know why we’re the “First State” and uphold our reputation for bipartisan, business friendly, nimble government that is able to work together for the good of the people to create gold standard constitutional legislation.

Delcanna has four major legislative goals:


Ending Cannabis Prohibition

  • Restoring full liberty for the use, possession, and cultivation of cannabis to the people of Delaware
  • Possession unprohibited for adults 21+
  • Personal cultivation without arbitrary restrictions
  • Expungements for non-violent criminals
  • No violations except for distribution to minors and commercial code violations


Enacting Commercial Cannabis Code

  • Make Delaware First in Cannabis by passing the country’s best cannabis laws
  • Entrepreneur friendly, market principles
  • Low barriers to entry to allow any interested to participate in the market: small license fee $500 or less
  • No arbitrary selection process or license lottery: no limitations on the number of cannabis farms and businesses
  • No or low tax of 5% or less (medical cannabis not subject to tax)
  • Parity with other commercial code: no onerous regulations on business operations
  • Code enforced by existing state agencies instead of creating massive new commission: DAT(C)E for enforcement, Department of Finance for taxation and licensure


Reforming Medical Cannabis Law

  • Restoring patients’, doctors’ rights, protecting doctor-patient privileges
  • End discriminatory medical cannabis process
    • Scrap the card and patient registration system
    • No list of qualifying conditions: doctors prescribe according to their professional opinion like any other drug
  • Restore patient privacy
  • Allowing more prescribers (PA, NP)


Protecting Cannabis Consumers’ Constitutional Rights

  • A resolution affirming the supremacy of constitutional rights in Delaware declaring that the use of cannabis does not abridge the people’s right to due process, right to bear arms, rights to privacy, and other rights reserved to the people.
  • A resolution from the Delaware General Assembly urging the Congress of the United States of America to amend federal laws to respect constitutional rights with regards to cannabis.