Delcanna is a grassroots social action organization formed with the goal of responsibly ending cannabis prohibition in Delaware through law reforms while preserving unwavering respect for people’s liberty and constitutional rights.



Our mission is for Delaware to prove its place as the “First State” by passing the country’s best cannabis reforms and showing the other 49 states how real cannabis reform is accomplished. Delaware will be the model of common sense cannabis freedom for the rest of the nation to follow. Our state leadership will let America know why we’re the “First State” and uphold our reputation for bipartisan, business friendly, nimble government that is able to work together for the good of the people to create gold standard constitutional legislation.

Our goal is for the General Assembly to pass comprehensive cannabis law reform that includes: 1) a complete, responsible end to cannabis prohibition for adults, restoring people’s natural rights to cultivate, consume, and utilize the cannabis plant, 2) the country’s best commercial cannabis code allowing our farmers and small businesses to compete unhampered in the cannabis market 3) complete medical cannabis reform restoring patients’ and medical providers’ rights, and 4) resolutions from the Delaware General Assembly to the United States Congress urging our federal representatives to act to respect the constitutional rights of cannabis consumers. Details on these 4 cannabis reform planks can be found on our Legislative Goals page.

We resolve that the General Assembly must recognize the natural right of the people of Delaware to the cannabis plant and act to end cannabis prohibition in our state without delay. We pledge our fidelity to complete cannabis reform without arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions on the rights of the people of Delaware. We will organize to ensure this message is received and respect by our elected representatives, reclaiming cannabis freedom from long standing injustice.