#FIXHB110 CALL TO ACTION: Contact your legislators and HB110’s sponsors (see list below) immediately and ask them to support the Cannabis Freedom Amendments to improve HB110.

What is the problem with the Delaware “Legalization” Bill – HB110?

Currently, HB110 is written to only allow a small number of privileged, mostly out-of-state corporations the ability to profit from the cultivation and sale of cannabis, while continuing to criminalize any Delawareans who possess more than one ounce or who choose to grow their own cannabis. This is fake “legalization.”

Without the Cannabis Freedom Amendments, HB110 repeats the same mistakes that were made with Delaware’s big-government medical cannabis program. It’s been 8 years since we passed medical cannabis, there’s still no home grow, and in that time we only have 3 cultivation facilities and 4 dispensaries, the majority of which are owned by large out-of-state cannabis corporations. These few facilities have been unable to produce enough supply to meet current patient demand and require rural customers to travel long distances. Compare this to Oklahoma, which legalized medical cannabis less than a year ago with home grow, and has now approved 3,026 grow licenses, 1,479 dispensary licenses, and 811 processor licenses. Can’t Delaware do better?

Here’s the quick rundown of the problems with HB110:

  • Homegrow is still a felony – It’s not legal if you can’t grow it
  • Tiny personal possession amount of 1 ounce or less, personal possession of more than an ounce is still a crime, 5 ounces+ a felony
  • High regulatory burden and excessive obstacles to small businesses
  • “Corporate cannabis control” – Shuts out most small businesses and farmers, 99% of Delawareans won’t be allowed an opportunity to start their own business in the cannabis industry
  • Unfair, arbitrary license process with significant potential for corruption
  • Very limited # of cannabis licenses, excessive minimum cost of $15,000 in government licensing fees
  • Licenses restricted from those who were unfairly criminalized under past cannabis laws
  • Limited competition guarantees high prices and limited choices for cannabis consumers
  • Cuts out existing 21+ retailers such as liquor stores, tobacco smoke outlets, and vape shops who are already complying with regulations and paying taxes, liquor sales drops in legalized states 7-10%, those businesses should have an opportunity to make up those sales in cannabis products
  • Allows medical dispensaries to get an early retail license at the expense of patients.  The chronically-short medical cannabis supply will be sold off to recreational users before commercial cannabis growers come online

How do the Cannabis Freedom Amendments fix HB110?

  • Allow home cultivation of cannabis up to 12 mature and 24 immature plants
  • Personal possession up to 6 ounces, and up to 100 ounces for homegrown cannabis stored at the same personal residence
  • “Shall issues licenses” language that allows for flexibility in needed regulations instead of an arbitrary, burdensome and potentially corruptible license application process
  • Drops the average licensing fees to $2,000 on par with alcohol license fees, so Delaware small businesses can compete with larger corporations
  • Removes limits on the number of licenses to encourage business growth and solve the current supply issue
  • Allows existing 21+ retailers to participate in the cannabis market as long as it’s restricted to adults
  • Reasonable regulations and fewer governmental obstacles that create impossible barriers to entry for small businesses and farmers, giving people of all backgrounds an equal opportunity to compete and provide goods and services in the cannabis market, not just the mega cannabis corporations and the connected & wealthy who are seeking a monopoly on cannabis in Delaware
  • Greater competition means more choice and lower prices for consumers, a smaller black market, and more legitimate cannabis businesses to benefit our state’s economy
  • Protects current patients access to their needed medication by allowing medical dispensaries to open for 21+ adult-use sales only when other retail cannabis dispensaries open with supply

Unless Delaware’s voters do something about it politicians and corporate interests are going to shut out Delaware’s small businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs from the emerging cannabis market. Prices will soar artificially high while supply remains insufficient to meet the new legal demand and it is the medical patients who will lose out. This limited competition and persistent, unsatisfied demand will ensure the black market continues to thrive despite so-called “legalization.” Delawareans who possess more than the small amount of one ounce will still be criminals due to an overly restrictive possession limit adopted by only 3 other fully legalized states out of 11.

So, what’s a responsible cannabis consumer to do? Contact your legislators immediately and ask them to support HB110 ONLY with the cannabis freedom amendments.

How Do I Contact my Legislator?

  1. Find your Legislator (Senator and Representative)  here—>  http://legis.delaware.gov
  2. Call 302 744 4114  and ask to speak to your legislator. If they are not in leave a message with the aide and ask them to support HB110 with the Freedom Amendments. Feel free to tell them why the Freedom Amendments are so important to you
  3. Email your legislator! Emails go a long way and are quick and easy to send. Be direct and polite but don’t worry about being perfectly professional. Your representative wants to hear your opinion!
  4. Email the bills sponsors listed below to insist that they adopt the Cannabis Freedom Amendment to HB110. Even a brief email sent from your phone can have a BIG effect.
  5. Talk to your Senators and Representatives when you see them out and about at parades, festivals and public events. Let them know HB110 needs the Freedom Amendments!

Please contact these sponsors immediately and ask that they support the Cannabis Freedom Amendments:

Primary sponsors:

Additional sponsors:


The Time is Now! We cannot stress enough how close we are and how important it is to contact your Representative right away! It will take less than five minutes to be a part of history by helping to make legalization happen in the First State!

Every phone call, email, and contact is critically important. Together, we can #FIXHB110! Reach out to your lawmakers today!